Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work.

— Chuck Close

We love our work. And we love helping our clients realize their goals in ways they never imagined. Our understanding of the time-tested principles of good, effective design and an insatiable curiosity about evolving technologies, are reflected in all of our work.

Floyd Rappy, President

“Design is intention. We must get to the root of that intention in order to solve the ‘problem.’ I find an understanding of psychology is necessary in order to be a great designer.”

Eric Lindsey, Creative Director

“The thing I love most about design is the ever evolving cycle of relationships. The opportunity to connect with people on an emotional level. Invite conversations. Driving us to new ways of thinking.”

Lucy Li, Sr. Graphic Designer

“I get up every day loving what I do. There’s nothing more exciting to me than being presented with a new project and creating something from nothing.”

Alison Josephs, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

“Great design is like a puzzle, snapping together color, words, imagery with a good dose of quiet and airy white space.”

Andy Schulkind, Web Strategist

“It’s really not all about the technology. Through all the mind-boggling changes, it’s still about making effective communication the focus of the work. Message comes first. It’s what I’m most passionate about.”

Toby Dickson, Content Creator

“An empty page is like an invitation. “Fill me up” it cries,  with words that convey, compel,  engage, and achieve an objective.” 

Responsive, creative and on point. Calling Floyd is calming, like calling an old friend that always has the right response for what you need that day.

Dayana Rapaport, Veralon

While I was at Milbank, I worked with Floyd and his team for over 20 years. Always reliable and filled with wonderful creative surprises. I’ve now taken them with me to my next venture. Floyd is a world class graphic designer and corporate branding guru!

Eric Silverman, Polpis Capital

Studio Rappy has been a reliable, and valuable resource for us. Whether it’s video, graphics, or a full-on ad campaign, we’ve relied on their creativity to increase customer traffic.

Jeanine Pollakusky, International Shoppes

“After working with Floyd for over 8 years, I can say with certainty that he and his team listen, understand and come back with creative solutions that are on-target and beyond expectations.

Maryann Marrapodi, HITN

“Whatever the creative challenge, Floyd and his team deliver outstanding products that are always on-brand and beautifully designed. As a foundation, it’s critical that we work with a smart design group that understands us and what we do. And they never disappoint.”

Meti Yemane, EMCF